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Schema and example questions


I have a couple of questions:

1) Can we use the Akoma Ntoso 2.0 schema? I see that the 3.0 version was recommended in a previous post but I'm having issues validating the 3.0 schema against any example files (the 2.0 examples of course validate fine against the 2.0 schema).

2) If we need to use version 3.0, can you please make public the results from the previous challenge or provide 3.0 examples? I believe the winner from the last contest (http://akoma-ntoso-markup.challengepost.com/submissions/18344-four-us-legislative-documents-in-akoma-ntoso) mentioned he/she created examples that validated fine against the 3.0 schema


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    Dear Minh,
    There is no strict rule against using version 2.0 of the schema. There are sufficient similarities between Akoma Ntoso 2.0 and Akoma Ntoso 3.0 for the judges to be able to ascertain the practicality and usefulness of a proposed solution even using version 2.0. However, evaluation of the submission might be affected if the use of version 2.0 of the schema resulted in a suboptimal solution or undue complications that would not be present if version 3.0 had been used instead.

    All submissions from the first challenge are available on the Challenge.gov website at: http://akoma-ntoso-markup.challengepost.com/submissions. Click on each submission to see a summary page and links to any files that were submitted as part of each solution.

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